How To Care For String of Needles House Plant

June 05, 2023

How To Care For String of Needles House Plant

String of Needles is very easy to care for and brings instant style and class to any space.

Ceropegia Linearis, a succulent trailing vine, it likes light and not too much water.

  • Easy to care for: great for beginners
  • Can grow to 1.8m in length
  • Let it dry out in between watering and then give it a lovely big drink again soaking all the soil, being careful not to get water on the leaves.
  • Bright indirect sunlight, but it will appreciate a sunny windowsill as long as it doesn’t get sun for longer then 3 hours.
  • Fertilise through spring and summer
  • Non toxic to pets ✅

How often should I water my String of Needles?

Ceropegia Linearis needs the soil to completely dry out before you water it again, this may be more often in the summer months. When it’s time to water give it a lovely big drink, soaking all the soil but be careful not to get water on the leaves as this can cause rot. A good watering method to use with this plant is to submerge the bottom of its pot into a dish of water for a few minutes to let it drink up the water it needs without getting the top of the plant wet. However it is a good idea to hose down the top of the plant from time to time so you can wash away dust and deter pests.

How much light does my String of Needles need?

Ceropegia Linearis loves bright indirect sunlight, a windowsill that gets the morning sun would be perfect. String of Needles can live happily in a space with less light but the growth will appear ‘leggy’ and it may need to be watered less often.

Should I repot my String of Needles every year?

Ceropegia Linearis prefers to be pot bound and is susceptible to transplant-shock so only repot into the next size up when it is absolutely necessary. Ensure the pot has good drainage and use a cactus/succulent potting mix. Keeping a String of Needles pot bound reduces risk of root rot and increases the chance of flowering.

Is String of Needles toxic to pets?

Ceropegia Linearis is classed as non-toxic to cats and dogs so it’s a great pet friendly choice for your home. However it is advisable to keep it out of reach to children as it can be slightly toxic to humans causing nausea and vomiting, requiring medical assistance if eaten in a large quantity.