Begonia Maculata - Spotted Begonia

April 21, 2020

Begonia Maculata - Spotted Begonia

With it's striking, dotty, angel-wing shaped leaves, a firm favourite at the Plant Room.

The stems grow tall and may need to be supported with poles to protect it from damage and to encourage new growth.

They love it humid, so mist the air around them regularly. They will also feel at home in a terrarium or bottle garden.
You will want to keep the compost moist but try not to over water, let the top of the soil go dry in between watering and watch out for soggy roots. Try not to get the water on the leaves, as that can scar them, remember to be careful with your misting!
Adjust your watering throughout the winter as they wont need as much.

They love bright, indirect sunlight,  turn the pots around every so often for even growth. Be careful of direct light as again this can cause scarring on the leaves.
They may need to be repotted in the spring, root-bound plants loose colour in their leaves.

Overall an easy to care for plant with impressive foliage!