Price's® Candles & The Calming Effects of Candlelight

June 09, 2019

Price's® Candles & The Calming Effects of Candlelight

Price's® has been making wonderful smelling candles since the company was founded in 1830. The company holds the Royal Warrant for the supply of candles (the Queen uses them!) and holds an important place in the history of candle making.

Here at Paloma Studio, we have a range of different Price's® products, and a ton of their excellent candles. From fruity to floral, spicy to sweet-smelling, warming to calming, we have a range of scents to take your fancy. 

How can candles help to induce calm?

The effects of candles go way beyond just looking and smelling nice. As candles no longer provide our major source of light, they now continue to grow in popularity for a few reasons. 

The flicker of candlelight creates a cosy and intimate atmosphere, adding softness and warmth to your room. Do as the Danes do and light some candles to create a hygge home. Candles are known for their soothing properties; after a long stressful day, lighting a candle for a few minutes could make a difference in your stress levels. As well as inducing calm, candles create a warm feeling in the home that contributes to our sense of well-being. 

We love all of the Price's® Candles here at Paloma Studio, but we recommend trying 'Arabian Princess', 'Spa Moments', 'Warm Cashmere' 'Amber' and 'Mixed Berries' for the ultimate hygge experience!

Priced from £3.99-£12.99 and available in store.