Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant

July 25, 2018

Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant

I am going to be introducing you to all of our new plants and cacti along with care instructions so that if you do decide to take one home with you then you will know how best to look after it 😋

I will start with Pilea Peperomioides or the Chinese Money Plant currently in stock at £3.50 each 🌱

I have one of these at home and can say they are very easy to care for 💚

They like plenty of light but not direct sunlight, maybe a spot with a sheer curtain protecting it or somewhere that avoids the afternoon sun.
They like moist soil but not wet feet so make sure there’s plenty of drainage in it’s pot so excess water can’t pool up.
The amount of water it needs will depend on how much light it is getting but once a week during wintertime and twice a week in the summer is a good guide.
If you’re not sure whether to water try sticking a chopstick or your finger into the soil. If it’s bone dry or soaking wet, adjust your watering schedule accordingly. It wants to be dried out a little but still moist before you water again.
Feed it once a month or so during the growing season (spring to early autumn) using a diluted regular houseplant fertiliser.