Monstera Deliciosa - Cheese Plant

January 23, 2019

Monstera Deliciosa - Cheese Plant

One of the most iconic houseplants around, you might recognise it's distinctive leaves from illustrations and prints.
It's name translates to 'Delicious Monster', referring to its size and edible fruits but it is better known in the UK as the Swiss Cheese Plant.

Easy to care for, Monsteras can be a member of your plant family for years to come, they can grow up to around 2-3 metres when grown indoors, so give them a home with room to grow.

In the wild they grow in topical rain forests so they like it moist and would appreciate a misting every now and then to up the humidity. Try to avoid radiators and other artificial heating and cooling as this could dry them out.
They like a warm climate away from direct sun. Try not to over water as this can lead to root rot, look for yellowing or wilting leaves as a sign. A good rule is to let the top 4cm of soil dry out in between watering.

Feed them through spring and summer monthly. If aerial roots grow try to manoeuvre them towards water.
Clean the leaves regularly to keep them looking lush and shiny, it also helps to keep pests under control as they can be prone to mealybugs.

  • Easy to look after
  • Medium indirect light
  • Not too much water
  • Split leaves develops as plant matures

We always try to have Monsteras in stock at the Plant Room and prices will differ depending on size.