Dracaena - Dragon Palm

May 08, 2019

Dracaena - Dragon Palm

Another one of the easiest and robust house plants around; the Dragon Tree or Dracaena. We love the Dragon Palm as it doesn't ask for much from us and will put up with pretty much anything you throw at it.

The Dracaena has awesome air-purifying qualities which makes it a perfect plant to choose for your bedroom. It can also suck up particles of smoke in the air which can cause health problems.

I described it as robust as it can take neglect in its stride and quickly recovers when treated properly again.

It likes bright light but not direct sunlight, keep it in a shaded spot.

They appreciate a misting on their leaves every now and then, in the summer they don't like it too hot or stuffy so open up a window and give it some fresh air.

Keep the soil slightly moist, if the soil feels dry give them a little more water. In the winter they will need watering considerable less.

As they grow taller the lower leaves will go brown and new growth will grow on the top. Remove the brown leaves to keep it looking beautiful.

It can be poisonous to cats and dogs so because if you have any curious little ones at home.

They are slow growers but with the right love and care they can grow up to 8ft!