Bomb Cosmetics & the Magic of Essential Oils

June 24, 2019

Bomb Cosmetics & the Magic of Essential Oils

We Love Bomb Cosmetics products here at Rocket, mainly because they use natural ingredients and bio-degradable materials in ALL of their products. As well as being 100% handmade, Bomb Cosmetics have a core belief that neither humans, animals or the environment should suffer for our luxuries.

One of the biggest draws to Bomb Cosmetics for us is their use of essential oils in their products. We've been researching the effects of essential oils, and have given you our recommendation of which bath blasters you should try!

Clary Sage oil

An amazing essential oil which is said to relax breathing rates. It can also help relax the body during stressful times. We recommend 'Over the Rainbow' or 'Honey Bee Mine' bath blasters for the ultimate relaxing experience!

Rosemary oil


Rosemary oil is said to boost energy and lower fatigue, some say it can even improve speed and accuracy and help you feel more mentally stimulated. We recommend using the 'Man Grenade' bath blaster!

Bergamot oil

A perfect mood boosting scent - Bergamot oil is said to help people feel more positive! We recommend using 'All that Glitters' or 'Fizz the Season' bath blasters.

Bath blasters are available in store, ranging from £2.99-£4.99 per blaster!