Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

August 07, 2018

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Did you know we stock a large range of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Wax and Brushes. 

Are you wanting to upcycle a piece of furniture but do not feel confident enough? Well Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is perfect as it was designed for easy no-fuss decorating. 

This water based paint is so versatile, wanting a vintage washed look then add water to the paint, if you want thicker paint then just leave the tin open over night. You can mix colours together as well to create your own shades. 

What is also great about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is there is no need to sand down or remove old paint, the only time you will need to prepare furniture is when you use raw wood or aged wood then you should put varnish or shellac, but it’s not just wood you can use the Chalk Paint®, you can apply it to plastic, brick, concrete, metal, walls, floors, and stone. 

After Painting to protect the furniture apply wax on it. This will stop the furniture from getting damaged and will be easier to clean. There are four different types of wax, Clear Wax, Soft Dark Wax, Black Wax and White Wax. Clear Wax will not change the colour of the paint but the other three wax’s will change the colour. 

So if you want to try out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® come to Paloma Studio and and talk to one of our staff we can help you out. 

Test Pots are £5.99 each, Paint Pots are £19.99, Small Wax Pots are £4.99, Big Wax Pots are £9.99 and our brushes start from £4.99-£29.99.