Sonny Angel Mini Figure Dolls - Hippers

Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Hippers are a brand new way to bring Sonny Angel into your daily life! These adorable decorative mini figures come with adhesive tape to stick onto your laptop, desk, phone, bookshelf, and more!

Sonny Angel Hippers are approximately the same size as a regular Sonny Angel. You can attach Sonny Angel Hippers to any flat surface with the adhered adhesive tape. You can also remove and reattach the adhesive several times

Sold blind-boxed, there are 12 different kinds and 1 secret in this range. Each box contains 1 figure.

Product size: Approx. W30 ~ 48 × H75 ~ 98 × D25 ~ 35 / mm

Category: Sonny Angels

Type: Toys

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