Copper Plated Garden Hand Trowel

Kiss Kiss Heart

A handy garden tool, that works great for repotting house plants and even for bigger jobs in the garden! The long blade is perfect for removing weeds and roots.

On the blade there is a depth indicator up to 10cm/4in. This hand shovel is made of high quality copper plated carbon steel #45 with an ash wood handle. To keep the tool in good condition please clean after use and store in a dry lace.

This little hand shovel is the perfect gift for a garden enthusiast.

  • Ash wood ergonomic handle
  • Copper plated carbon steel
  • 10cm/4in depth indicator 
  • Total length: about 32.5cm
  • Length of shovel: approx. 15cm
  • Width: about 6cm

Category: Garden, Plant Care Tools

Type: Homewares

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