Wade Gluggle Jug


The Original Gluggle Jug Doing it the Wade Way.
First produced in the 1870’s,
the irresistible Gluggle Jug jug
has become a mascot in the homeware industry, and has earned a place setting on dining tables around the world. Just wait until you hear it glug, and you’ll find out why.

The Gluggle Jug isn’t just any jug – it’s a centrepiece, it’s a statement and it’s iconic. The charming glugging sound that emanates from the fish’s mouth when liquid is poured brings laughter, and the fun aesthetic delivers style.
From functional to fashionable, the Gluggle Jug jug has recently made appearances at Gin Bars across London, acting as floral centrepieces and a pitcher for cocktails aplenty. Gluggle Jug jugs are also fit for royalty, as a pair of bespoke jugs were gifted to the royal family in 1958.
Today, Wade produce Gluggle Jug jugs in a full range of colours.

This is for the XL size:

Approx 10”/25.5 cm




Category: Ceramics

Type: Homewares

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