Modern Toss Colouring Book - Mindlessness

Modern Toss

NEW! Mindlessness Colouring Book

Modern Toss invites you to explore the mood-boosting art of Mindlessness: sixty-four inspiring pages featuring easily distracted people indulging their mental urges with no concern for real world consequences. Follow a cast of absent-minded men and women as they explore what happens when a series of everyday tasks are approached with a completely empty mind. Includes a woman painting her hair, a man shitting into a park dustbin, and a man placing a heavy box on a nuclear missile launch button. Sounds good, yeah? These intricate, calming scenes of contemporary mindlessness are ideal for colouring in, and relaxing the overheated brain. Tap into the therapeutic benefits of Mindlessness now, and experience the dangerously chilled state that colouring in pictures can produce.

64 A4 pages of colouring fun.

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