Macrame Plant Hanger - Neon Coral

Hotpink Hangers

Are you looking for more space for your ever growing plant family? or do you want to display a nice trailing plant like a Hoya, Marble Pothos, or String of Pearls?

These Macrame Hangers can be attached practically anywhere. Screw them to the ceiling, wall, or hang them over your curtain pole. Add a splash of colour to your living space or bed.

This handmade Macrame Hanger has a 32in drop. Made from a stretchy jersey In Neon Coral, it can house and hold pots up to 20in wide(circumference), it may stretch if the pot is heavier, and has a wooden loop. Pot and plant NOT included.

  • Handmade
  • Made in UK
  • Eco-Friendly

These macramé plant hangers are made in Leeds, UK, by Hotpink Hangers. They are made from offcuts of t-shirt yarn recycled from the fashion industry that otherwise would have gone to waste. Hotpink Hangers also use Airedale yarns, with spin recycled cotton. Their company has been built around sustainability, and it isn’t just the beautifully hand-knotted hangers that are eco-friendly. All of their packaging (also made in the UK) is 100% recycled, 100% sustainable. When you purchase one of these plant hangers, you are not only purchasing something beautiful and unique for your home, but you are also making a small contribution to a plastic-free, waste-free planet. Small steps..

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Type: Plant Pots

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