Luxa Grille Firebox Flame Light


This lovely firebox from Luxa gives the illusion of having 3 flame lights in one. Perfect for that cosy feeling all year round!

The Fireboxes have been designed to multiply the flame effect produced by the single flamelight inside. The rear panel of the Fireboxes consists of a highly polished, 3-sided steel panel which produces multiple reflections bouncing all around the interior to give an amazing depth and width to the flame effect.

Whilst unused domestic fireplaces are the natural home for these Fireboxes, this is a stunning lamp wherever you put it.

The pattern on the Grille Fireplace has been designed specifically for use in a fireplace — the front face has been laser-cut and etched in the style of a traditional fire-screen. We've also added a string of red LEDs around the base of the lamp to give a hot glow in the base — just what you'd expect from a fire in a fireplace (the red LED version is standard with this lamp).

Approx 30 x 26 x 12 cm

Category: Luxa - Flame Lights

Type: Lighting

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