Lily & Val Lemons Art Print - 40 x 50cm

Lily & Val

When Life Hands You Lemons Make A G&T print by Lily & Val

40 x 50cm

Available unframed or framed in your choice finish.

Lily & Val’s chalkboard designs are a unique mix of nostalgia and modern style that reflect life’s simple pleasures and always put a smile on your face. Valerie McKeehan illustrates the letters by hand and gives her flourishes, flowers, typography and quaint illustrations a sense of whimsy and elegance. When an old frame was turned into a "McKeehan's Café" chalkboard piece as an experiment in her kitchen, Valerie fell in love with chalk art, and her original collection soon grew. As a means of preserving her chalkboard creations that were considered 'temporary' because of the risk of dust and erasing, she photographs each piece to make a digital print. Lily & Val have worked with renowned National publications such as and Good Housekeeping Magazine but what remains most important to them is to create art that is lovingly made and makes you smile.


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Type: Art Prints

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