Kathryn McGovern Dog Show Art Print - 30 x 40cm

Kathryn McGovern

Dog Show Print print by Kathryn McGovern

30 x 40cm

Available unframed or framed in your choice finish.

Australian artist Kathryn McGovern's whimsical drawings explore her interest in natural history, human nature, folklore and superstition. She uses traditional drawing materials in a conceptual process to study the nature of drawing and the art of making meaningful marks.  Kath is inspired by Surrealism and automatic drawing, with both subconscious internal experiences and external factors and influences feeding her work. She will often start with a photograph or object to explore animal symbolism, environmental and anthropomorphic themes with subject matter that can be lighthearted and even humorous but at other times may offer comments advocating for social change.


Category: Framed Prints

Type: Art Prints

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