Eurovision Song Contest Paper Party Glasses - 8 Pack

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About these ‘Song Contest Paper Party Glasses’:
Bring the joy of Eurovision straight to your living room with our Song Contest Paper Party Glasses. The pack of eight comes in three colourful designs, with fun phrases like ‘Sing Your Heart Out.’ Pop them on to get the party started.

Pack size: 8

Why we love these ‘Song Contest Paper Party Glasses’:
They’re the ultimate prop for creating a personal photo booth at home. Tape up a few sheets of scrunched up tin foil to the back of a door (it will act as a shiny backdrop) and put the glasses in a nearby basket. When guests walk in, ask them to grab a pair and start snapping.

How to dispose of these ‘Song Contest Paper Party Glasses’:
Made from card, these are made to be re-used and enjoyed again. When they do reach their end of life, put them in the home recycling bin.

Product: widely recycled
Packaging: widely recycled

Type: Eurovision

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