Heathcote & Ivory - Sakura Silks Exquisite Spa Set

Heathcote & Ivory

Cocoon mind and body with fragrances of Sakura Silks; enjoy revitalising bath salts, shea butter hand cream and deeply hydrating body butter encased in an exquisite hexagonal embossed tin carrying the restorative power of happiness.

1 x 100ml Hand Cream
1 x 50ml Body Butter
1 x 50g Bath Salts

Fragrance Notes: Green Tea, Citrus and Jasmine
Paraben & sulfate free
Animal testing free
High quality ingredients

    Key Ingredients:
    Shea Butter: Used as an emollient in cosmetics. It is a rich source of antioxidants that helps to protect and condition the skin.
    Vitamin E: This aids in skin smoothening, moisturising and the prevention of premature skin-aging. It is a major free-radical scavenger and, as free-radicals are very damaging to the skin tissue, it is considered a protector ingredient.
    Glycerin: An ingredient which locks in moisture by retaining water in the skin. Nourishing, cleansing and soothing, Glycerin leaves the skin looking hydrated and youthful.

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