Flat Screen TV Fire


For those of you still stuck in the future we’ve introduced the Flat Screen TV Fire to ward off the cold days (OK, there’s no heat but it makes you think there is) and to fill a lonely hearth.

The fire effect is amazingly realistic and is powered by 3 x ‘C’ batteries which are included in the box — although alkaline batteries are more long-lasting once these ones are used up. You can run it off the mains with the supplied 1 metre DC/USB mains lead — all you need is a USB plug like the ones used for charging mobile ‘phones. These plugs are easily available and are just a 3-pin plug with the usual rectangular USB socket in it.

The Flat Screen TV Fire also has an in-built 6-hour daily repeating timer — if you turn it on at 6:00pm in the evening it will go off at midnight, and then repeat that 6-hour cycle each day. You can override this by turning the fire off and then back on again — this will start a new 6-hour cycle when you turn it on.

Depth: 14cm Height: 27cm Width: 34cm

Category: Luxa - Flame Lights

Type: Lighting

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